In this time of urgency we will dispense with commentary and get right to our point - we would like to help as best as we can and at this time that seems to involve providing information to prevent internet surveillance and censorship.

Below are links for information from encryption of devices and communications to by-passing blocked sites and more. This is but a very rough sampling of what is available via the internet - efforts are being made to provide a more comprehensive paste of information but we wanted you to have something now to get you started. If you have any questions you are always free to ask an Anon for a DM.

This is not to be a substitute for common sense and/or other protection methods that you yourself must consider in this time of violent unrest.

There is no revolution or change without you so please keep yourselves safe first and foremost.


TOR Browser Bundle - free, quick and easy encryption of internet browser activites.It prevents the sites you visit from learning your physical location, and it lets you access sites which are blocked. The Tor software protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world: it prevents somebody watching your Internet connection from learning what sites you visit.

Download here

VPN (Virtual Private Network) - encrypts your traffic. Paid are far superior as they often do not log your IP address (IDs or aides in IDing your location) however free can be appropriate in SOME situations - you must think this thru always keep the worse case scenario in mind - your VPN drops out leaving you exposed - layer a free VPN with TOR

List of paid VPNs

Considering layering your security and using both VPN and TOR


If you don't have VPN to hide your IP check out these lists of proxies ...and here too

VPN over proxy and this explains well why

Can't afford to buy VPN but need to hide your IP address? Try this


Check for DNS Leakage of your location as even VPN does not prevent DNS leakage!

VPN can leak DNS personal data - be sure to check... or...

IMPORTANT: Learn about VPN & DNS Leakage and how to fix it here

DNSCrypt - What is it and why you need it

**** PHOTOS ****

There is information regarding your location etc included in your photos.

Remove personal data (metadata) - it's a way you are tracked

**** MOBILE ****

Secure Mobile Apps - The Guardian Project

Mobile? Protect Your Online Privacy with

Encrypt data in Android with Secret Space Encryptor

Need to send private and encrypted text messages?, need to speak privtately and encrypted? try TextSecure and/or RedPhone

Some Mobile Apps Add Anonymity to Social Networking... read here


Very often the use of TOR, VPN and/or proxy can solve many cenorship issues howerver here is additional information for you:

Stealthy: Chrome/FireFox Extension to Unblock Blocked Sites

How to bypass internet censorship

Documenting Tools for Beating Internet Censorship from @EFF

Need to access blocked websites and by-pass web filters?

Need to access blocked websites and by-pass proxy servers?

Digital Security and Privacy for Human Rights Defenders (free book - Spanish too)

Securidad Y Privacidad Digital Para Los Defendores De Los Derechos Humanos

Manual on How To Bypass Internet Censorship (link on left)

Fight Censorhip: Be more safe on Twitter

Avoid #Twitter Censorship


** please remember no one link will provide all your security/privacy needs **

Site with several apps to decrease surveillance of your online activities by the government and others:

GREAT GUIDE! How To be Safe, Secure and Protect Your Online Anonymity: anonoguide@sourceforge

Want to protect your privacy?

Here is a link for several "Hands-on Guides" for your DIGITAL SECURITY

Online Survival Kit for your safety and security

A Good Guide...: The Ultimate Guide for Anonymous and Secure Internet Usage v1.0.1

TOR ,Vidalia and The TOR Browser Bundle explained

Browser private mode DOES NOT keep you SAFE!

Info on Firefox and security/privacy add-ons:

Browser extensions can improve your privacy

#### Send material proving corruption, abuse and malpractice by private or public institutions in an anonymous way ####

"Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have." ~ Margaret Mead